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September 21, 2010

10 things i hate about you to like about me

  1. I can clap with one hand
  2. I am deathly afraid of sharks and mayonnaise
  3. I’ve been known to mistake flour for confectioners sugar and then wondered, as I tried my damndest, why it would. Not. Become. A. Glaze. #bakingfail
  4. During a particularly hormonal afternoon when I was 12, I cried (sobbed?) for 4.75 hours on my back porch because my mother had cut my denim cut-offs incorrectly. How could she?!
  5. I have a yet to create my signature dessert, but it’s a challenge I adore pursuing
  6. I have terrible, let me say it again for emphasis, terrible vision. I challenge anyone to have a higher prescription; I’m –7.5 in my right eye and –8 in my left. Bring it.
  7. I am working hard at letting go of my perfectionist tendencies
  8. Some days, I miss my grandmother so much that it hurts
  9. Busy farmers markets intimidate the heck out of me
  10. I take an enormous amount of pride in making delicious, healthified meals for myself and those I love
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